Renowned for its beauty, Aruba is a tropical paradise that is filled with beautiful coastlines that one can only dream of. There has been quite a rise of tourists to this holiday destination since the past few years and it’s only growing with time. One of the biggest activities that they indulge in over here is fishing! Apart from being just a recreational activity, it’s a way of life for the locals here. 

It’s a great way to start the day by going on a Yacht and indulging in deep-sea fishing, bottom fishing, marlin catch, or private snorkel trips. These are the perfect activities to unwind and relax while being away from the daily activities of your life. It’s a great way to finally put yourself and your loved ones first and just enjoy the moment. No matter whether you’re a professional at fishing or an amateur when you’re on board, there’s no pressure! 

It’s the perfect time to go fishing in Aruba!

All you have to do is enjoy yourself and you’ll find yourself making memories that you’ll cherish forever. Instead of carrying all the fishing equipment yourself, we’ve kept it all on board for you to make the most out of your fishing excursion. Fishing Yacht Aruba makes every fishing trip an easy-going and fun one for you. Our Captain Marcelino is a 4th generation master fisherman that will accompany you on your trip out into the ocean. 

He knows the water like the back of his hand and can guide you to catch a big fish in Aruba! Fishing is an activity that is popular all around the world but there’s no experience that’s better than fishing in the tropical sceneries of Aruba. Crystal clear waters and white sand beaches make the picture-perfect setting for you to enjoy this activity in. The thrill of fishing in Aruba is unmatched, no wonder why tourists from all over the world come here to do this! 

Make memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime

While many charters offer to take you fishing, choosing the right one can make all the difference. By choosing the right charter to catch billfish in Aruba, you’ll be able to get exactly what you want from your day. Fishing Yacht Aruba offers a variety of fishing trips off the amazing coats of Aruba. Doesn’t matter if it’s deep-sea fishing, bottom fishing, or marlin catching, Captain Marcelino knows what he is doing and you can depend on him. 

Now all you have to do is kick back, relax, and catch some big fish! We take care of everything else for you. Right from pick-up transportation, a bite to eat, refreshments, parking, and more, we make the entire experience effortless for you. We also offer amazing off-season deals that you can book to save more. A deep-sea charter fishing trip is one of the best ways to do a new activity while exploring the best parts of Aruba. 

The wide-open waters gushing away near you is a feeling that will be unlike anything you have felt. Adventure awaits you in Aruba! This is your chance to break free from your routine life and try to catch some of the best fishes you’ll come across in a picturesque backdrop. Our trained local crew will help you learn the best ways to fish in these waters and we are sure you’ll love this experience. 

Sail into the ocean to catch your next big fish with us!

When you sail with Fishing Yacht Aruba, we’ll go out of our way to ensure that you are comfortable and are having a great time. The crew will be there to guide you all through the trip and will also teach you great tips and tricks about fishing in these waters. Whether you want to learn fishing for the first time or just experiment with your natural settings, the experienced professionals at Fishing Yacht Aruba are ready to make this a delightful activity for you. 

We have two charter boats: Caroline and Persistence. Both our charters are fully equipped with everything you need to catch billfish in Aruba. Catching a big fish in Aruba will give you a sense of victory like no other. The only thing you’ll have to worry about when you’re with us is having a good time! Ensure safe and enjoyable trips for you and your loved ones with Fishing Yacht Aruba. Plan your next trip with us and see what Aruba’s magical waters have in store for you!